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Our Ingredients

We strive to use the best possible ingredients.  What that means to us is not just the highest quality but also the most natural, most sustainable, most effective and most practical ingredients.  This has led us to identify and use as many 'waste' products from our community as possible.  At the moment, our main ingredient that reflects this is tallow (we render all of our own tallow).  We feel that redirecting waste from our community is the most sustainable thing that we can do and will continue to seek ways to do this in the future.  

In addition to tallow, we use coconut oil, rice bran oil (similar to olive oil), sunflower oil and palm oil (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certified sources) as the base of all of our soaps.  We chose these oils for a well balanced soap that would cleanse but not dry out even sensitive skin.  Bonus: our soaps last a long time!

We also incorporate ingredients like local beer (usually tap run off) as well as herbs, fruits and veggies, often from our own home garden.  We make custom products for a few local businesses using local sheep milk and local coffee too.  

All of our products include an ingredient label and if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them for you!