Soap of the Month Club!

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Our NEW Soap of the Month Subscription Club will feature 1 limited edition bar soap each month, exclusively available to subscribers (if subscriptions fall short, we will make the remainder available to non subscribers but subscribers will have first dibs).  

The first soap will ship at the end of April, 2022 and you will receive an additional bar of soap at the end of each month for as long as you remain subscribed. 

The subscription auto payment will process on the 25th of every month and we will ship your soap out shortly after.  You can change or cancel your subscriptions at any time from your customer account.  


The 2022 soaps will be:

April: Oatmeal and Honey

May: Tobacco & Pine

June: Huckleberry

July: TBD


September: TBD

October: TBD

November: TBD

December: Frankincense and Myrrh


If you love our products and you love trying new things, this is for you!  It would also be an amazing gift!