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About Us

Who We Are:  We - Ryan, Hannah, Gretchen, Tobin, Alice & Samuel - are Dirty Man Soap Co. (ok, yeah, at this point, basically only Ryan and I (Hannah) and sometimes Gretchen) and we do everything from making the soap molds to shipping the finished product.  It's us, start to finish.  When we aren't busy keeping up with the business side of things, we can usually be found out in our garden and orchard.  We live on 1.5 acres that most people refer to as a farm.  We're not sure we've quite earned that label but we have caved to public opinion and jokingly labeled ourselves the ExperiMental Tiny Farm.  We are definitely aspiring farmers and we're working towards a, hopefully not too distant, future of very non conventional farming here in Lewis County. 

Our Story:  Dirty Man Soap Co. began as part of our family's personal journey to eliminate chemical laden products from our home.  Soap making had always appealed to me and was on my 'some day' list.  Our journey to better health, coupled with some encouragement from a soap making friend, moved soap making on to the front burner, quite literally.  I began researching soap making processes, ingredients and everything in between.  I made my first batch of soap in 2012 and loved it!  However, I quickly realized that I would either have to limit my creativity drastically or begin selling some of my soap - even dirt mongers like us can only use so much soap!  Everyone we had given soap to had loved it and encouraged us to begin selling it.  Our entrueprenural spirits kicked in, Ryan's creativity flared up (yep, he's the inspiration for the name and it was also his idea - "If it'll clean me, it'll clean anyone!"), and we applied for a business license in spring of 2014.  We began selling local beer soaps in June of 2014 and things have grown rapidly from there, as you can see from our expansive product list.  A combination of customer requests and our own needs led us to add much more than soaps to our product line.  As we added new products, our goals remained the same: produce high quality, good value products with the most natural ingredients and minimal packaging possible.  Oh yeah, and have fun doing it!  We like to think we are successfully meeting those goals and hope you agree.  From our family to yours, we wish you good health and high spirits!